Thursday, July 02, 2009

okay wtf is wrong with blog cannot even upload pic!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go." ~Author Unknown
I guess shit happens when you least expect it. Anyway thank you Awesome and Super who went movie with me! Yeah we watched transformer! Good show I must say. Really like the CG and effects. Wasn't really concentrating on the actions and I'll defianlt give it a 9/10 overall! looking forward to saturday training! Fullday training! yeah! I'll work my ass off!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Comet Appears

The Shins

One hand on this wily comet Take a drink just to give me some weight Some uber-man I'd make I'm barely a vapor
They shone a chlorine light on
A host of individual sins Let's carve my aging face off Fetch us a knife Start with my eyes Down so the lines Form a grimacing smile
Close your eyes to corral a virtue Is this fooling anyone else? Never worked so long and hard To cement a failure
We can blow on our thumbs and posture But the lonely are such delicate things The wind from a wasp could blow them Into the sea With stones on their feet Lost to the light and the loving we need
Still to come The worst part and you know it There is a numbness In your heart and it's growing
With burnt sage and a forest of bygones I click my heels Get the devils in line A list of things I could lay the blame on Might give me a way out
But with each turn It's this front and center Like a dart stuck square in your eye Every post you can hitch your faith on Is a pie in the sky Chock full of lies A tool we devise To make sinking stones fly
And still to come The worst part and you know it There is a numbness In your heart and it's growing

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! haha, yeah it my birthday! Thank you everyone who sms and fb me with wishes! Well the usual stuffs today.. simple movie and lunch with Adam Aloy Sharon Jo & Janet. watched Ghost of Girlfriends Past. not a bad show. The story is something like the ghost of christmas you knwo the 3 spirits on the scrouge blah blah blah...
Went for my first 5days ICT aka RESERVIST last week. Well on the 1st day, everything was talk talk talk and talk sit until my back ach! den after parade like wth!!! Den I'm like thinking how I spent my 2yrs when this 1st day is killing me already! the next 2 days are weapon handeling and ippt. lucky no need to take coz already gold haha!! by wednesday night, as I use to be a law gunner now they say have to carry matador to chiong the forest! wtf! that freaking metal dummy is close to 9kg+ can die! So thursday outfield, not bad experience.. still can tahan. At night as my sect com is sick, so my section no need to do the training, but dunnoe why I so on, voluntery go join other section for the training haha. coz usually in ns time when you can no need to train is the best! But the last day friday was the best 5 star saf service. Sleep all you want and breakfast and lunch delivery to your bunk! thats what I call reservist! haha
Imm. after ict the highlight of the week, mersing trip ! yeah fishing!!!!! Spent the the weekend at malaysia fishing. The bite rate isnt that bad but still abit disappointing no monster fish. watch a sotong jig setup being pull into the sea! yeah can you imagine a sotong so strong enough to pull a rod and reel into the waters? Must be a freaking hugh one lar!
my mind and feeling are in a mess right now. your not a anywrong but you the one that allow me to felt how i felt years back. i guess that is what i call chemistry?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

DK training today was alright. Game play for my self 2/10 Physical Fitness 6/10 any other matters 7/10. Manage to hit my head on the ground hopfully nothign happen. Stock up items for Mersing trip. Gonna be going ICT this coming monday. ICT stuffs haben pack. My just too tired from today's activity, brain not working well. Will be like away for the whole week, 5 days ICT 2 days at Mersing gonna so miss you so much.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

You said it

After the Storm will always...
Be the Rainbow...
Together with the Sunshine...
yeah got my ipod nano today!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I just want that moment frozen....

Well well term break is here. 2 weeks for relax n mug but I only got this week to do it. Next week will be reservist! like wtf!!!! Really enjoy sleeping till afternoon everyday but kinda felt guilty when you wakes up and "baaa waste my whole morning" well this can only go on for a few more days.
Official training had begin, I still hate the whole regimental thing whenever that happens its just that part me me that hates it. Watching the juniors throw I really wants to join in as well but can't it really sux to just watch over them and can't join in. Sometimes I wonder those seniors in training knows that they are seniors or not. yes the juniors do something wrong be it 1st or 2nd time or many more times we just correct them. If they cont to do wrong, we gotta go thru the punishment with them so be it! suck it up and not "yaya u guys can't do it right? lets "play" " the whole stupid world doesn't not surround you! you POS! dunnoe y I'm writting this out I juz feel liek shooting that fella.
mMm.. I dunoe if I had done anything wrong, but seriously your only person that have made me felt like what I felt 2 year back. I really hope you juz don't shoot me in my heart and walk away